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About Us

The Rascals, a Galway-based band, are Pádraic Joyce (vocals/guitar), Niall Teague (vocals/piano accordion, guitar) and Paddy Jordan (vocals/double bass). The focus of the band is on three-part male harmony and the setlist reflects this, featuring songs from Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles, The Fleet Foxes, Neil Young and many more. For larger events or gigs Terry Cooke plays drums and Kenneth Keary plays keyboards. 

Pádraic Joyce

One of Galway's best acoustic guitar players with a unique style, Pádraic has played with many bands over the years. Time with the folk/rock outfit 'Breakdown Rambler' was followed by a long-term and continuing run backing singer-songwriter Tracey Bruen. Pádraic's acoustic picking and vocals are a crucial part of the sound of The Rascals. He also does the bookings, so if you want to contact us, you can contact Padraic by phone or email:


mobile: 087 9561199

Niall Teague

Niall is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He focusses on guitar and accordion in 'The Rascals', but can also play piano, tin whistle and harmonica. Originally from Belfast, he has settled now in Galway city. He has written and produced three albums of original music with his band 'The Fast Company' and has toured all around Ireland and the UK promoting his excellent music. 

Paddy Jordan

Paddy has been playing acoustic guitar and singing as a solo act in the Galway area for many years. In 2011 he picked up a double bass and started playing with 'The Rascals'. He continues to play solo and has also set up a recording studio in South Co. Galway. 


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